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April 24, 2015 11:49 PM

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Pak Swiss 50th Anniversary

Meeting Minutes

Attended by: Zameer Hassan . Khalid Abdul Rahim & Jawed Akhter.
Agenda. 1- Should we celebrate 50th Anniversary in Toronto. "Yes" we should.
2 - When in 2015 .............Not decided (Most likely in September 2015).
3 - Single program or Family Program ........Not decided yet.
4 - Where - in Banquet Hall or in Party room. Not decided yet.
5 - What types of activities we should have in program. For example interviews of seniors, documentary slide show or movie, introduction of Pak Swiss, role of Pak Swiss all over the world.
6 - We request all Pak Swissians to please send their ideas, opinion or thoughts.
We also need some members from GTA to arrange this program. Please email your name, batch number & contact number to:


We need feedback from all Pak Swiss batch fellows to how to organize and publish our Alumni Book. Here are some suggestions;

Style: Paperback. 8½" x 11" Color cover; black and white pages, sometimes with color supplement.
Brief Biographies of classmates  Class directory  List of deceased classmates . Photos . Tell us about yourself and your experience, etc etc.

Thank You for your co-operation.

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